Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The war is over. I give up.

Those that know me know that when it comes to tech, I'm quite often on the pulse but occasionally VERY slow on the uptake.

MP3 player in your car? I'll have that ready for you in 1998 when the Rio (anyone remember those?) first came out. I'm still wondering if I should buy that iPod though...

Enter August 2009. About a decade after the world started using the term blog, I find myself starting my own. I kind of consider it an admission of defeat! I stood firm for 10 years, holding strongly to my belief that no sane person would publish their life to the world and expect anyone to bother reading it. I did my best to fight valiantly but I have lost the war. :-)

My only solace is that I was at least partially right - no-one wants to read a blog about a person's everyday life.  I intend to use this space to blog about programming, technology, entrepreneurship, life in Japan, etc. I'll keep what I had for lunch under wraps for now.

Anyway, now I've got one of these, does it mean I get to eat my lunch with the cool kids or with the nerds?